FOR the Plumber, BY the Plumber

We are NOT an Association, we are the organizers of the Rally. Our goal is to empower the plumber to stand up for themselves. This website is to convey the most accurate information and the 71KPLUMBSTRONG platform is to allow plumbers as individuals to be able to connect with others, work together, and make their own decisions.  

Boots On The Ground, Get Your Voice Heard!

Organize/Host A Local Meetup

If you would like to be an organizer of a local group we will help with ideas on meeting locations, how to hold meetings, information to go over in meetings, & getting you in contact with others in your area that may want to attend.

  • Groups will be formed by County. (We may have more than one group in a County.)
  • Click on the link below to see the Organizer Checklist to assist with setting up your group.
  • Holding monthly meetings is ideal. (We don't have a lot of time.)
  • You will need to be able to be a moderator of the 71KPLUMBSTRONG facebook meetup group we form for your County.
  • You will get updates of all current items we are working on to relay to your local group and work on with us. 
  • We will have measures in place for you to submit feedback on items we are working on and any new ideas your group has.
  • You can always ask others in your group to be a Co-Organizer with you and help with the group.


Attend/Join A Local Meetup

If you are not able to organize a local meetup group but would like to attend, the see the available Local Groups at the bottom of this page (listed by County). More groups will be added as we go along and organizers sign up to host so check back frequently! 

If a local group is not available in your area yet, you can still be involved & get current information as well as items we are working on together across the State. Even if you do attend a local group, please join us to be involved with what we are doing as a larger group as well! BE SURE TO:

  • SUBSCRIBE TO EMAILS. You will get a direct email every time new information is released or a new item to work on together is added.  CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO EMAILS.

  • JOIN THE 71KPLUMBSTRONG FACEBOOK GROUP. This is a great way to interact with others outside of your immediate area and provide feedback. You may not see every post so be sure to subscribe to emails as well so you get notified directly of all new information. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP.


Anyone organizing or attending the local groups must read and abide by the group rules. 71KPLUMBSTRONG is to provide accurate information to plumbers and the use of the platform is to be professional out of respect for all others in the group. The platform will not be used to push any other agendas or motives, nor is anyone in the group to profit monetarily off of plumbers in any way.

Local Groups By County

BOOTS ON THE GROUND!! Attend a Plumber's meeting in your area!

As local organizers submit information with their meeting details, this document will be updated. Check back frequently for a meeting in your area if you don't see one listed, or use the Organizer information above to get your own group started!